Welcome to The Toteboard @ toteboard.net!

The Toteboard @ toteboard.net is a site focused on the delivery of spreadsheets targeted to the individual investor. Although we will meander off into other areas that interest us from time to time. To date we've had over 15000 (and counting) spreadsheets downloaded.

For the most part we will provide fully functional workbooks that can be used free of charge. Many of these will leverage an SMF Addin which is a free open source addin that can be leveraged to access content about stocks from various web sites. "Lite" versions of the workbooks will also be available whereby no addin will be required on the users work station. .

Available Workbooks:

Economic Data

  • Get historical economic data from FRED.
  • Access to hundreds of economic indicators.

RSS Reader

  • Get headlines from 100 different RSS feeds.
  • Read the news stories right from Excel.

Stock Screener Spreadsheet

  • Screen on over 6600 US stocks
  • Compare your screening results to market cap weighted aggregates at the industry and sector level

Industry Overview Spreadsheet

  • Monitor the daily performance and select aggregates of US based industries
  • Monitor daily pricing for industries via a heat map
  • Review the set of companies that make up the index
  • Review headlines specific to your industry of interest

Company Comparison Spreadsheet

  • Compare data for up to 5 different tickers
  • Compare pricing, fundamentals, and pricing data

Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

  • Enter and track your transactions
  • Integrates with the Portfolio Monitor for real time P&L calculations
  • Calculates an adjusted P&L factoring in dividends and other cash flows (covered calls).

Fantasy Basketball Spreadsheet

  • Monitor your ESPN Fantasy (rotisserie) team
  • Compare your per game averages to your competitions
  • View your weekly progress over time.
  • Powerful visualization (heat map).
  • Drill down into a specific category to view (graphically) your progress through out the season.
  • Customizable, allowing you to hide, or show, change what ever you want.

Portfolio Monitor:

  • Create and store portfolios of up to 500 securities.
  • Monitor both public and private portfolios.
  • Context sensitive linking to over 250 different destination points.
  • Powerful visualization (heat map).
  • Graphical drift analysis from your targeted holdings.
  • Customizable, allowing you to define your own views.

Company Overview:

  • View pricing data, pricing trends, fundamentals, estimates, dividend information, price history and headlines.
  • Linked to the Portfolio Monitor, allowing you to cycle thru the companies that you own.
  • Linked to a todays earnings reporters, allowing you to cycle thru companies reporting their earnings.